ZiviZ – Civil Society in Numbers

Civil Society in Numbers (ZiviZ) is the data specialist for civil society in Germany. ZiviZ pools the civil society-related knowledge and activities of the Stifterverband. With our work we deliver orientation- and trend knowledge in the area of evidence-based civil society research. We address civil society organizations, funding institutions, politics as well as businesses.


Connecting, Analyzing and Consulting

ZiviZ convenes stakeholders, leaders and representatives of different organizations and sectors initiating dialogue and networking. With our applied basic research we contribute overview- and orientation knowledge on civil society-related questions and their political implications. On this basis good scientific political- and societal advice becomes possible.

Current projects

Forum Civil Society Data 
The Forum Civil Society Data connects ongoing civil society-related data collection efforts. With the forum we seek to improve the state of quantitative civil society research in general and try to fill gaps in the existing data infrastructure. The goal is to facilitate dialogues between scientific and political actors as well as practitioners. 

CC Survey
ZiviZ is carrying out a first-of-its-kind representative Corporate Citizenship (CC) Survey on the civic involvement of German businesses. We plan to repeat it on a lasting basis and to transfer this knowledge into practice, for example in publications, workshops and expert forums. Together with our partners the goal is to create a solid data infrastructure, new discussion impulses and to accelerate the practical development of corporate citizenship. 

Business & Engagement
The network consists of businesses sharing the common, longer-term goal to forge ahead with developing distinct corporate citizenship practices in Germany and beyond to unleash the potential for stronger civic engagement of the German economy as a whole. The goal of the peer platform is to facilitate businesses’ dialogue among each other and with civil society organizations while strengthening the topic’s public visibility – making the case for up-to-date and continuously refined concepts of corporate citizenship.

Integration & Civil Society
On behalf of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) ZiviZ explores civil society’s potential for integration – and how it can succeed – in dialogue with numerous experts from science and practice. We analyze a variety of questions at the interface of integration and civil society. Examples include the engagement potential of diaspora communities formed by migrants living in Germany, development of communal integration policies and engagement activities of German businesses..

ZiviZ Survey
The ZiviZ Survey is a representative survey of organized civil society in Germany covering associations, foundations, not-for-profit GmbHs as well as cooperatives. The goal is to strengthen public awareness for the important contributions of these organizations. The ZiviZ Survey has already been implemented two times. The latest version examines several areas in detail, for instance engagement in the educational field – the so-called German Fördervereine – as well as integration of migrants and refugees.

Local Synergies
This project is aimed at improving development opportunities for children and adolescents as well as the autonomy and social participation of the elderly. The focus is on finding approaches which enhance the collaboration of third sector organizations, volunteers, politics and public authorities to allow for more citizen participation.



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